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Next Generation rooms Reservation System

For the high-end hotels, the development trend of NGRS is that enable the customers to check in or check out by themselves with the membership card in the reserved time.
Through the deployment of the NGRS, hotels increase the hotel customer satisfaction degree in one aspect, and also reduce the operation cost simultaneously.

Peoriv next generation hotel rooms reservation system (NGRS) enable the hotel customers to book rooms through the Internet and can check in or check out by themselves with the member cards in the reserved time. This system can improve the quality of the hotel service, reduce the hotel staff workload, decrease the cost of the hotel operation, and promote the hotel brand image in the consumers’ mind and hotel market competitiveness. 

Peoviv NGRS includes four subsystems, which are the Internet booking subsystem, the hotel membership subsystem, the hotel room gate control subsystem, and payment subsystem. Every subsystem can cooperate with each other, and every subsystem is compatible with the existing one. 

Completely independent service

Begin with the self-help Internet booking, through checking in and checking out, get to payment, totally independent service.

Reduce the complaints

The deployment of this solution enables the hotel customers avoid the check in or the check out relative inconvenience, especially when too many people are waiting in line.

Value added service for the members

This system provides value added service for the hotel members, which contributes to promote own brand membership card and improve the hotel brand recognition.

Increase of the hotel efficiency, reduction of operation cost

This system can optimize the flow, reduce the workload of the front desk so that reduce the number of practitioners and decrease the hotel operation cost.

NGRS1000:Next generation hotel rooms reservation host system
NGRS2000:NGRS- Internet reservation subsystem
NGRS3000:NGRS-membership subsystem
NGRS4000:NGRS-payment subsystem
NGRS5000:NGRS-gate control subsystem

1.In the high-end hotel VIP customer service, the hotels provide this reservation service for the VIP customers via this system, and increase the member customer satisfaction degree.
2.Special unattended hotel: some unattended hotels especially for hotel members can reduce the operation cost effectively through the implementation of the system.