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Media Panel HD8630

HDMP is designed with arc panel according to the latest European interior decoration style. We use high glaze lacquer to get piano lacquer effect, also provide a variety of color collocation to conform to the hotel VI design. The whole product has artistic and fashionable visual impact which can strengthen the high-end hotels brand image. For switching customer want, they can touch the board not press the button that makes the operation easily and conveniently. Peoriv HDMP 2000 provides "All to HDMI" program considering the hotel customers' HD needs and convenience for the work progress. It converts all of signal into HD signal via only one HDMI cable connecting to the HD TV, thus make the work progress easily. In addition, HDMP also provides 2 power interface,RJ45 interface and Pinter interface. 

HDMP provides kinds of video/audio interface to connect the devices of customers to HD TV with a HDMI cable. The corresponding touch sensitive light at the top of interface can prompt the corresponding status of working, thus make customer know the equipment operation clearly.
HDMP can provide the following interfaces, and can connect the following equipment.
-Power interface: can provides two power modules of different standards according to requesting.
-VGA interface: can connect to the laptop and other equipment which can access to the Internet.
-3.5mm audio interface: can connect to MP3, MP4, iPod, laptop and so on.
-AV interface (Including S-Video): can connect to MP4, iPhone, mobile DVD and so on.
-HDMI interface: can connect to some digital cameras, mobile phones which have HDMI interfaces.
-USB interface: can connect to all the equipment which have USB interfaces.
-Bluetooth interface (Optional): can connect to the equipment with Bluetooth output function to enjoy the stereoscopic music.
-Dock interface (Optional): Can addressing the dock which supporting the iPhone/i Pad and other Apple device.
-Internet interface (Optional): provides the Internet access for the laptop.
Printer interface (Optional): Can connected device with a USB interface for printing.



 Stylish appearance
The whole product has artistic and fashionable visual impact which can strengthen the high-end hotels brand image. For switching customer want, they can touch the board not press the button that makes the operation easily and conveniently.



Unique Auto Detect function gives users more convenience. When users connect their own equipment to the HDMP, it can auto-choose the audio/video resources to display them. It can avoid the incorrect manipulation and reduce the times of operations.

 HD converting with one cable

It converts all of signal into HD signal via only one HDMI cable connecting to the HD TV, thus avoiding many cables appearing behind the TV cause by accessing a variety of personal entertainment devices to TV, and it also make the construction deployment of products conveniently.

 Playing&charging through USB

HDMP can charging for personal digital devices through the USB interface, it can also transmit the video files of personal digital devices to the TV which can support USB playback.

 1080P HD video transmission

It can support full HD video transmission up to 1080P.Dual-channel technology of Peoriv ensure that the HDMP can support full HD video transmission up to 1080P.

 Multiple Audio/video interface

The mediahub not only has VGA,AV interface, it also has latest HDMI interface, wireless Bluetooth interface and so on, thus make customer need not worry about their device has no the new interface. They can enjoy the music and others conveniently.

 Convenient Bluetooth access

During designing HDMP2000, we added the wireless Bluetooth access, It avoding the trouble of Guest connecting and make hotel simplified the providing cables.

 Compatible iPhone/iPad Dock

More convenient for Apple fans to use the iPhone and other equipments, HDMP can make Apple fauns enjoy the entertainment experience which brought by the iPhone/iPad special interface through the way of assorting the wired or wireless dock.

 Intergrated internet accessing

HDMP can provide wired internet accessing through a standard RJ45 interface, which can make using conveniently.

 Support the USB printer interface

For the hotel guest can print their files conveniently in the room, HDMP also has the printer interface, which makes the high-end business people printing conveniently.

Peoriv HDMP 2000-S has desktop model and embedded model.

Embedded model is suitable for new hotel. The back-end can be embedded into the wall; the front panel can cling to the wall. It is convenient in use for customers, and also provides an overall adornment effect simultaneously. It makes the hotel not only get all-around services but also ensure the whole adornment effect.

Appearance and Weight of the Embedded model
Front panel size:
        • Width: 14 in. (355mm)
        • Height: 4.3 in. (110mm)
Embedded terminal size: 
        • Width: 12.6 in. (320mm)
        • Depth: 2.6 in. (65mm)
        • Height: 2.8 in. (70mm)
Overall weight:
        • Weight: 1.55 lb (0.7 kg)

Desktop model is suitable for opened hotels. It can be installed without affecting the normal hotel business and improve the hotel service level and the hotel competitiveness.

Appearance and Weight of the Desktop model
Overall size:
        • Width: 14 in. (355mm)
        • Depth: 3.9 in. (100mm)
        • Height: 4.3 in. (110mm)
Overall weight:
        • Weight: 2.2 lb (1 kg)

HDMP2000-S Power Parameters
         Input:100-240VAC~50/60Hz  0.5A
        Output:5VDC  2A
HDMP2000-S total power <7W。

1.HDMP2000 is applied to high-end hotel rooms, mainly to provide the hostel customers the independent entertainment with the big flat-screen TV, which can improve the customer satisfaction and the hotel reputation greatly.

2.HDMP2000 is applied to all kinds of meeting rooms (include big meeting hall) where variety of meetings, forums are held in. In those kinds of events, every kind of content in different portable equipment needs to connect to the projector. Therefore, deployment of HDMP2000 makes audio and video connection convenient, reduces communications cable, and increases the number of accessible equipment, thus improves the image of hotel in holding big events.

3.HDMP2000 is applied to the company meeting rooms. On the one hand, it can reduce the amount of cable, on the other hand, it can provide convenient and artistic connection for the participant so that improve the productivity.

4.HDMP2000 is applied to modern house. It can be installed near the flat-screen TV in the sitting room, so that makes the guest easier to play their music and video, and makes party atmosphere active. 





型号对比 (点击产品型号,可查看产品照片)

  基本接口(包括S-Video、AV、VGA、3.5mm Audio、HDMI、USB) 2个电源
蓝牙接口 Dock扩展
HDMP2000S Y          
HDMP2000S-B Y   Y      
HDMP2000S-D Y     Y    
HDMP2000S-BD Y   Y Y    
HDMP2000 Y Y        
HDMP2000-B Y Y Y      
HDMP2000-D Y Y   Y    
HDMP2000-T Y Y     Y  
HDMP2000-P Y Y       Y
HDMP2000-BD Y Y Y Y    
HDMP2000-TP Y Y     Y Y
HDMP2000-B/T Y Y Y   Y  
HDMP2000-D/T Y Y   Y Y  
HDMP2000-BD/T Y Y Y Y Y  
HDMP2000-B/P Y Y Y     Y
HDMP2000-D/P Y Y   Y   Y
HDMP2000-D/TP Y Y   Y Y Y
HDMP2000-B/TP Y Y Y   Y Y
HDMP2000-BD/P Y Y Y Y   Y