Golden Palace Hotel Yerevan

2020-11-16 13:27:31 147

Golden Palace Hotel Yerevan is the 3rd hotel opened by Golden Palace Hotel LLC in Armenia. The first hotel was opened on May 2005 located on 2/2 Liberty Avenue, which is now operated under the name of Radisson Blu Hotel. On March 2013 the company opened his second hotel in Tsagkhadzor - Golden Palace Hotel Resort SPA. Golden Palace Hotel Yerevan started to accommodate his unique and luxury clients at the end of 2017.


Peoriv for Golden Palace Hotel Yerevan 

Our all in one media hub HD8630S-B have been selected to install into their guest rooms. The Bluetooth feature allows guests to stream their music from their portable devices to the HDTV wirelessly. And 2 USB ports provide both charging and playing functions.