Crowne Plaza Sohar

2020-11-12 17:19:37 108

Emerge from the desert into the lush, manicured gardens at Crowne Plaza Sohar. Subtle Arabic motifs punctuate our soaring, four-storey atrium as it rises in marble to a light-filled dome. Check in and make your way to our spacious swimming pool, relax by the poolside bar and at the sun deck. Saunas and steam rooms await in our luxury spa, or you can loosen your tie and challenge friends in our bowling alley.


Peoriv for Crowne Plaza Soha

The mini media hub in 4 gang design have been approved and installed into 324 guest rooms. The media hub features with USB fast charging function and guests can use the USB to charge their portable devices. Bluetooth pairing function lets guests listen to their music over the TV speakers wirelessly.